The success of an online store depends upon the number of customers it is able to attract. When the traffic of your stores increase it will eventually elevate your sales. So the recommended practice to achieve those conversions is by offering WooCommerce discounts.

Grab your shopper's attention by advertising that your WooCommerce combo discounts will be available only for a few days. This will create Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), so customers will rush to your store to purchase products before the sale ends and elevates the reputation of your store which is vital to business success.

Why does your WooCommerce store need discounts?

People always wait for the grand sale to purchase, so discounts act as a tool to attract more customers to your store. There may be products taking up your space for months, by offering discounts you can effectively clear out your inventory.

How can store owners benefit from the WooCommerce discount?

WooCommerce Discount don't just satisfy customers, it hugely benefits store owners too. Discounts are an effective way to clear out your inventory by selling products that were taking up your space for so long. You can also increase the reputation of your store with WooCommerce discounts.

WooCommerce allows store owners to create various types of discounts from simple store-wide discounts to complex product-based, category-based, user-role based discounts using this Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin.

With this plugin, you can also offer Buy One Get One (BOGO) deals, bulk discounts for shoppers who purchase in bulk and dynamic pricing discounts. This in-turn lets your business meet yearly sales goals eventually boosting your revenue.

What are the built-in default discount options WooCommerce?

WooCommerce has two default discount options built-in with it. They are

  1. Coupons

  2. Sale Price

Coupons are discounts and promotions offered by eCommerce stores to their shoppers. You can effortlessly generate codes and send them to your customers so they can redeem it by making a purchase. Get to know more about coupons on how to create discounts and coupon code in WooCommerce.

The 'Sale price' option allows you to sell a product at a minimized price than its retail price. But this default option has a lot of limitations in offering discounts, so store owners prefer a discount and pricing plugin to offer various discount deals.

Few limitations of these default options include,

  • Bulk discounts and BOGO deals.

  • Not much preference for Customization.

  • Complex discount rules and advanced settings are not available.

With these limitations, it is quite tough to elevate your sales considering the demand in the eCommerce market, you need to offer some robust options. With WooCommerce discount rules plugin, you'll be able to overcome these limitations and achieve your sales goals

Setting up discount using Discount Rules for WooCommerce

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress account

Step 2: Click 'Plugins'

Step 3: Search for 'WooCommerce Discount Rules'

Install and Activate it

  • Download the plugin and activate it to get started.

  • Pro Version has additional features, download it and avail the maximum capacity of this plugin.

It is simple to use and facilitates you to create dynamic pricing discounts for your WooCommerce store.

Types of WooCommerce Discount Rules

A variety of discounts can be offered in your store using WooCommerce Discount Rules. They can be classified based on their aspects.

  1. Based on Applicability

  2. Based on Difficulty

Based on Applicability

  1. Price Discount Rules

  2. Cart Discount Rules

  3. BOGO Discount Rules

Price Discount Rules

Discounts offered based on the price. The following types of discounts can be set up on store-wide products by using this rule.

Discount Type 

Discount Description

Store-Wide Global Discount

Discounts offered on all products in the store

Product Specific Discount

Discount offered on specific products

Specific Category Discount

Discounts offered on products from specific category

Bulk/Tired Discounts

Discount offered when products are purchased in bulk

Time Specific Discount

Discount offered for a specific period of time


Dependant Products 

Discount offered on a particular product when it is purchased above a certain quantity

Cart Discount Rules

WooCommerce Cart Discounts are offered when certain conditions are achieved in cart.

Discount Type

Discount Description

Subtotal Based Discount

When the cart subtotal is more than the specified amount.

Number of

Discount offered when the number of items in cart is similar to the specified number

Quantity Based Discounts

Discount will be offered when the number of quantities is equal to a specific number

Free Shipping

With this plugin, you can enable free shipping if conditions are met.

BOGO Discount Rules

This rule facilitates you to offer 'Buy One Get One' deals to your shoppers. BOGO deals have different variants and can be applied to both price and cart discount rules. Some variants of BOGO deals are,

  • Buy one Get one of the same product

  • Buy two get one free of a specified category

  • Buy 1 get 50% discount on second quantity

Offering discounts based on difficulty

Discounts are further classified based on their complexity and limitations as,

  • Simple Discounts

  • Advanced Discounts

  • Complex Discounts

Simple Discounts

WooCommerce simple bulk discounts are created with basic discount rules as shown below.

Eg: Get a 25% discount on all products in the store.

Advantages of Simple discounts

  • These discounts are available as a basic customizable option in the plugin

  • It can be created by enabling very few options in your plugin.

Here are 3 products with a 25% discount on them.

Advanced Discounts

These discounts are created with slightly advanced options compared to simple discounts.

Eg: BOGO discounts

Here you can see you are getting two bags at the price of one.

Complex Discounts

A discount that can be offered when the customer satisfies a certain criterion is called complex discounts.

Eg: Here there are three unique products A, B and C. So the criteria is when you purchase a certain quantity of product 'A' you get product 'C' for free. Also, the discount will be offered to the cheapest product in the cart.

Types of Discount that can be offered using WooCommerce discount rules

Store Wide Global Discounts

WooCommerce discount rules plugin allows you to offer discounts on all products in the store.

  • In the General tab, select "Quantity/Category/Product/User role-based discounts and BOGO deals" from method dropdown.

  • Select 'All Products' from the Conditions tab and mention the percentage value in the discounts tab.

Category based discounts

You can offer WooCommerce category discounts to your shoppers when they purchase from a specific category. To achieve this, you have to select 'Specific Category' from the dropdown in the 'Conditions' tab.

Bulk Purchase Discounts

Bulk discounts can be offered to customers when they purchase in bulk this will encourage them to purchase more eventually clearing out your stock.

Few scenarios on how bulk discount will look like,

  • Buy 10 quantities of product A, get a 15% discount.

  • Buy 12 quantities of specific products and get a 10% discount.

These discounts can be offered to,

  • All products in the store

  • Specific products

  • Specific categories

Cart Based Discounts

Offer discounts to the shoppers when their subtotal of the cart satisfies certain criteria like,

  1. Get 10% discount if your cart subtotal is $200 - 300$

  2. Get 25% discount if your cart subtotal is $250 - 350$

  3. Get 20% discount if your cart subtotal is $400 - 450$

Offering these discounts will motivate your customers to purchase more until they meet the discount criteria.

Product Specific Discounts

With this plugin, you can offer discounts when a customer purchases a specific product. This discount might help store owners to create demand for that product.

  • You have to select 'Specific Products' in the dropdown field of the conditions tab.

If there is a product that has been taking up your storage space for long, you can sell them out by offering this discount.

Free Shipping Discount

Using our plugin you can offer WooCommerce shipping by state when a shopper meets a certain condition. But this feature is available in the pro version of the plugin.

Before offering free shipping make sure you enable it in the WooCommerce Discount → Settings

Conditional Discounts

You can give discounts to your customers when they sign up for an Annual membership product if you want to give conditional discounts change the "Method" to "Dependent/conditional based discount (by individual product)" in the 'General' Tab.

Choose your specifications in the 'Conditions' tab,

Select a discount value from 'Discounts' tab,

Thus by selecting various options, you can create complex conditional discounts.

BOGO Discounts

You can offer Buy One Get One deals using BOGO which has a variety of customizations.

You can customize the discount rules in the 'discount tab' irrespective of price or cart discount rules.

Eg: Get 4 products at the price of 2

User Role based discounts

With WooCommerce price by role plugin, you can offer discounts based on the type of User-Role. You can select 'User Role' from the 'Discounts' tab.

Attribute Discounts

Offering discounts based on attributes is a special feature of this plugin. Here are a few scenarios as to how attribute discounts will look like,

  • Discount on the wallet, when purchased 'M' sized Pants

  • Discount on Leather bag, when purchased 'L' sized T-Shirts

When creating Attribute discounts always enable attributes in Products → Attribute section

Coupon Based Discounts

You can create your own coupons and send it to your customers so that when they make a certain purchase they can redeem the coupon and get a discount on that product.

WooCommerce smart Coupons can be offered on all products, specific products, specific categories and more.

There are generally two methods to create a coupon,

  1. Using 'Create your Coupon' in the 'General' tab.

  2. Creating coupons through WooCommerce.

Method 1 :

Select 'Create your Coupon' option from the drop-down menu of the 'General' Tab.

Method 2 :

Navigate to WooCommerce -> Coupon -> Add new

You will be prompted with an edit coupon window, where you can enter the coupon code, select the discount type and coupon amount.

Validity Based Discounts

You can set a validity for the discounts using this plugin. When customers get to know that the discounts are limited to a certain duration, they will rush to purchase it which increases your sales.

You can specify the validity of a discount in the 'General' tab.

Customer-Based Discount

Sometimes you might want to give discounts to specific customers (not user-role). They might be your loyal customer or retail owners, with this plugin you can provide exclusive discounts for them.

For this, you have to specify the customer's identity under the 'Conditions' tab,

Purchase history-based discounts

There might be few customers who have been shopping at your store for quite long. So by using the discount rules plugin, you can offer discounts to them based on their purchase history. This will motivate those shoppers to continue shopping at your store.

Navigate to the 'Conditions' tab, in the purchase history section select the 'Purchase amount'. You can also select the order status for which the discount should be applied.

Discount based on cart line items

You can offer a discount based on the number of items in the cart. The discount can be offered only when the cart contains items greater or equal to the value mentioned.

First Order Discounts

Convert your website visitors into customers by providing exclusive discounts when they make their first order. So the next time when they think of what store to purchase, the first thing that comes to mind is the store that gave them the discount.

Discount based on brands or Tags

At times, customers might be looking for products from a specific brand. With this plugin, you can offer discounts for specific brands likewise increasing the sale of that product.

To activate this discount you have to enable 'Brands or Products tag' in the taxonomy tab.

Navigate to WooCommerce → Woo discount rules → Taxonomy

How discounts can be boosted with Email Customizer for WooCommerce?

Engaging with your customers is vital for the growth of your store. Brand identity can be established with the type of transactional emails you send to your customers. Default WooCommerce email templates lack creativity, you want to make the customers perform an action not mark it as spam.

That is why you need an Email Customizer for WooCommerce in your store. This plugin comes with a dynamic drag and drops email builder using which you can boost your discounts and coupons by creating customized emails. Have a better engagement with your customers using customized emails and market your discounts simultaneously.

How to convert one time shoppers into regular customers?

A colossal issue faced by online stores is that shoppers purchase at your store for an occasion then don't return again. You can convert these one time shoppers into regular customers by using a few discount strategies offered by Retainful plugin.

  1. Reward your customers with exclusive discounts when they make their first purchase.

  2. Motivate your customers to return to your store by offering Next Order Coupons.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin is stacked with strategies like these that will make your customer's shopping experience a memorable one. Next time when they look for a product, the store that offered them exclusive discounts will be their priority.

In this article, we have seen an illustrative guide to WooCommerce discounts. You can offer these discounts in your stores which might fetch you more sales. By incorporating the discount strategies offered by this plugin you'll see a definitive increase in your revenue and stable brand identity.

So, what are you waiting for? There is a demo version of the discount pluginor you to check out.