Launching a firm, organizing it till it reaches success is a very big feat in itself. If you are doing it right, meeting your sales expectations well and good. But if you aren't, you have to consider your firm's few grave threats.

While everybody looks out the threats that are common and that are already addressed a lot of times, We will be addressing the most overlooked, unheeded yet a serious threat of all - Cart abandonment in WooCommerce.

Usually, a cart is abandoned due to reasons like incompatible payment procedures, complications during checkout, trust issues, customers personal reasons and even more. Whatever the reason be, the results will be underwhelming and disheartening for the store owner.

The average cart abandonment rate of some industries is proven to be as high as 83%. This stats is sufficient enough to prove that lasting in business needs much more than a plan and an execution.

According toMarketing Land ,around 4 trillion USD worth of business was left in e-carts in the year 2017.

Got how much of a serious threat cart abandonment is?

So, here is the list of top 5 WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins, you need to pay attention to.

Best 5 WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins

1.Abandoned Cart lite for WooCommerce

Abandoned Cart lite for WooCommerce
70% abandonment rate means that out of 100 potential customers, more than 70 of them are leaving without transacting on the store.

Looking for a plugin that can play an important role in recovering carts? You are in the right place then. Abandoned cart lite for WooCommerce plugin does that for free absolutely. Yes, you heard it right. This plugin claims to recover your carts by 30%.
The role play of this plugin is,

  • Sending notification emails to customers.
  • Serving as a constant reminder about their incomplete orders.

It also helps in the creation of well-timed emails with reminders to send it to customers who have added the product to the cart and abandoned it without purchasing. Once the purchase is made by the customer, this plugin automatically stops sending them email reminders.

Apart from identifying the customer who abandoned the cart, it identifies the product information. This WooCommerce plugin can copy HTML from anywhere for the creation of templates. Recovering from cart abandonment is all possible in a single click now.

2.Retainful – WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails and Next Order Coupons

Retainful – WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails and Next Order Coupons

Retainful is one of the best WooCommerce plugins for cart recovery and it is also widely preferred. This plugin helps the customers to recover their lost carts with just a single click and complete the incomplete purchase.

  • It generates automatic email reminders that are timed accordingly.
  • You can send unlimited follow-up email reminders.
  • You can also see the clean report of customers who abandoned the cart.
  • Once the cart is recovered, the admins are notified and email reminders can be stopped.

This WordPress plugin does not just serve the purpose of cart recovery, it also serves as a motivation factor for the next purchase. How you ask? It sends coupons for next purchase . As we all know, giving coupons to customers will serve the purpose of impressing them and making a profit out of it.

3. CampaignRabbit


Put yourself in the shoes of a regular customer of a particular brand say, XYZ. You have been following this brand for months and when you abandon a product for quite a long time, you get emails from the brand regarding your abandoned product. You can pretty well guess what is behind the story? Email Marketing - a powerful marketing strategy to recover cart abandonment.

Email marketing is proving to be the backbone of success for many e-commerce businesses and is helping them recover lost sales. And what better to have a plugin which is providing immeasurable profits through email marketing strategy? We are talking about nothing but, Campaignrabbit cart recovery plugins.

This plugin provides you with perfectly timed automated reminders for your cart recovery.

  • Effectively triggers the exit-intent popup.
  • Also, automatically provides follow up if the customer did not convert.
  • It includes Click through action (CTA) button to urge the customers to take necessary actions.
  • Uses track analytics methods such as email open rates and email clicks to recover abandoned orders.
  • It also provides next order coupons and discounts through email.

To sum it up, Campaign Rabbit is beneficial automation and a successful email marketing tool.

4. Abandoned Cart Reports For WooCommerce

Abandoned Cart Reports For WooCommerce

Want to discover how many carts are abandoned at a time or a certain period? Want to track them and view trends? Abandoned cart reports for WooCommerce, a free Wordpress plugin, does that for free.
The plugin is all known for,

  • Recording carts at an instant when one abandons by adding products.
  • Sends follow-up emails to urge customers to associate with the carts.

This plugin provides you with a list of abandoned carts. Each cart will demand for necessary information like Customer name, email address, cart status, date and time of last sent emails. You can also include coupons in the followup emails and escalates the conversion rates.

5. YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

YITH advanced cart recovery plugin is one of the premium WordPress plugins that are used for WooCommerce cart recovery.

  • Helps in cart recovery through email marketing.
  • Timed reminders for notification emails.
  • Has the ability to send emails in any language of a customer.
  • Generates coupons for next purchase.
  • Can even reach out to unregistered guests through emails they add during the purchase process.

YITH is a bit pricey compared to all the other WooCommerce cart recovery plugins but its functions are worth the price.

The hard-hitting reality of e-commerce business is that how much ever efforts and investment you make in your business, customers are still going to leave you if you submit to one minute fault. We have given you the solution to recover cart abandonment through WooCommerce plugins. It's time to test them, choose the best and make progress.