Customers are the base of any eCommerce store. Their loyalty is certain for the success of your business. With eCommerce stores rising around every corner, gaining a customer's trust and motivating them to stay loyal to your stores seems quite exhausting.

So, encourage your shoppers by offering them customer loyalty rewards and make them stay loyal to your WooCommerce store. Having the best WooCommerce loyalty program in your store will boost the brand value of your business. It will also attract more traffic towards your store resulting in increased sales and eventually fetching you more revenue.

5 Best Loyalty Points and Rewards Program

In this article, we are bringing you some of the best WooCommerce ultimate points and rewards plugin along with some of their features for your consideration.

  1. WooCommerce Loyalty Points and Rewards Plugin

  2. SUMO Reward Points

  3. YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugin

  4. WooRewards - Loyalty and Reward System for WooCommerce

  5. HostPlugin - WooCommerce Points and Reward Plugin

WooCommerce Loyalty Points and Rewards Plugin

Download the WooCommerce Loyalty Rewards plugin and reward your customers for their loyalty. You can also offer points when they perform some specific actions like signing up, purchasing a product or writing a review. This WordPress loyalty program will boost your customer's confidence to continue shopping at your store.

A vital section of this WordPress referral points plugin is the WooCommerce referral program, you can reward your customers with points when they refer your store to their friends. You can also increase your sales and boost your revenue using the WooCommerce loyalty program.

An illustrious feature of this plugin is the Launcher Widget. You can promote the rewards you offer for signing up, purchasing, writing a review and referral in a chat popup like customizable widgets. This will grab the attention of your customers as they can easily find the rewards offered in your store.

For visitors, they will be prompted with a chat pop up like widget showcasing the rewards they can earn when they sign up to your store. Thus, converting your store visitors into customers effortlessly.


  • Expiry dates for points and custom conversion rate value.

  • You can set maximum and minimum order values to earn points.

  • Total points awarded and redeemed will be displayed in an illustrious dashboard.

  • Options are provided to check customer details.

  • Customer activity for a certain timeline can be viewed using custom filters.

  • Customers can either partially or fully redeem their points.

  • You can round off your points to the nearest integer value.

  • The name of the points can be customized.

Install Loyalty points and Rewards plugin and satisfy your customers with dynamic features offered by this plugin.


Single Site - $99/year

5 Sites - $129/year

25 Sites - $199/year

SUMO Reward Points

One of the most common plugins you will come across is the SUMO reward points plugin which was developed by Fantastic plugins. Offer exciting incentives by using this WooCommerce points and reward plugin when customers perform some actions like signing up or purchasing a product.


  • You can set up points conversion values and expiry dates for points.

  • Use emails to notify your customers about WooCommerce reward points.

  • Separate dashboard to manage customer's reward points.

  • Various customization options and short-codes are available.

This plugin can be used effortlessly and can be downloaded from CodeCanyon.


6 Months License - $49

12 Months License - $66.50

6 Months Extended License - $490

12 Months Extended License - $664.38

YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugin

YITH is a dynamic plugin that is being used in many WooCommerce stores. You can offer points as WooCommerce rewards using this plugin.


  • You can set expiry dates to points earned by customers.

  • With respect to the points earned, inform your customers about their points, validity date, and cart discounts

  • Free shipping options can be enabled or disabled when customers use the reward points to buy products.

  • You can set a limit, beyond which customers cannot redeem their points.

  • Customers will be notified with an email when their points get updated.

You can download this plugin from the WordPress repository.


Single Site License - $89.99

6 Site License - $159.99

30 Sites License - $249.99

WooRewards - Loyalty and Reward System for WooCommerce

WooRewards is similar to loyalty reward plugins developed by the Long Watch studio. It has a very intuitive interface and an easy to use dashboard.


  • WooCommerce loyalty rewards can be easily created.

  • You can use leveling systems to motivate your customers.

  • WooRewards has multiple ways to reward points to customers.

  • When customers achieve targets you can reward them with badges.

  • Short-codes are built-in to display relevant customer information.

WooRewards can be downloaded for free from the WordPress repository.


Pro License - $70/year

5 Site License - $210/year

HostPlugin - WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugin

When customers perform specific actions reward them with points using HostPlugin. With this plugin, you can

  • Create a loyalty program for WooCommerce in your store.

  • Reward points can be used by customers to purchase products.

  • You can set a minimum purchase value to avail of reward points.

  • Increase your customer's reward points manually.

  • Customers who are eligible for points can be chosen.

You can download this WooCommerce rewards plugin free from the WordPress repository and the paid version from their official website.


Paid Version (6 Months) - $29.99

In this article, we have seen the best plugins with which you can run your Loyalty program in your store. The features discussed might give you a better understanding of which plugin will suit your business better. Install the best WooCommerce loyalty program plugin to increase your sales and revenue.