Looking to provide some discounts to the customers on your WooCommerce online store? Good call. Because adding discounts on your eCommerce store will give a boost to your sales, and also help you attract customers. This blog shall help you learn how to add discounts in WooCommerce easily.

You yourself as a customer, would look for the best price most of the times, right? The hunt for the best deal is always on in a consumer’s mind. Having said that, let’s quickly jump to the process of applying enticing discounts in your eCommerce store.

How To Add Discounts in your WooCommerce Store?

The flexibility that WooCommerce offers in discounts is enormous. That is, there is not just one way, 3 simple ways to add discounts on your WooCommerce products. You can either:

  1. Add a sale price to the product
  2. Create a coupon code
  3. Use a discount plugin

Let us discuss all of them in detail.

1. Add a sale price to the product

Create a new product from the WooCommerce tab on your WordPress dashboard. Go to WooCommerce > Products > Add New. Or edit an existing product from WooCommerce > Products > All Products.

Once your product page shows up, navigate to the General tab to view the pricing details of the product with three fields – Regular price, Sale price and Sale price dates.

The regular price is the actual price of the product, whereas the sale price is the overridden discount price. The sale price dates are the start and end date of the discount. You can either schedule the period when the product would be on sale, or leave it blank.

For example, the below screenshot shows the creation of a simple product called “Mug”. We set the regular price as $20, sale price as $10 and sale expiry is not set.

The result looks like this:
The sale price overrides the regular price with a “Sale!” tag on the product. If you’d rather not have this tag on your products, you can remove it with a little workaround.

This is one way of doing it. But, if you don’t want to apply the discount for every other product separately, you could create coupons for applying bulk discounts. Here’s how.

2. Create a coupon code

We come across coupon codes almost on every eCommerce platform, don’t we? Be it for movie ticket booking or any other purchase online, the e-tailers provide codes to avail certain offers. Some of them are applied automatically, and some are applied manually by the customer.

You can create such coupon codes on your WooCommerce store as well. To create a coupon code, go to WooCommerce > Coupons > Add New Coupon, and follow these steps:

  1. Enter the coupon code you want the customers to use.
  2. Give a coupon description [optional].
  3. Configure the coupon data in the 3 tabs – General, Usage restriction and Usage limits.

For example, let’s create a coupon FREEMUG10 for the same product we created above.

The General tab is to define the discount details such as discount type and value. You can choose from the multiple types of discounts. It also includes a checkbox to set free shipping. Let’s set a coupon expiry date as well.


The Usage restriction tab lets you define the products on which the discount is applied, and other restrictions such as “Exclude sale items”, “Minimum spend”, “Maximum spend”, etc.

The usage limits tab is to define how many times a coupon can be used by a customer, and within your store.

Learn how to apply WooCommerce coupons in depth

After applying the coupon, here’s how the cart looks:
With the coupon code, the additional discount 10% and free shipping are applied on top of the sale price. You can select “Exclude Sale Products” in the Usage Restriction tab to apply the coupon only on the products that are not on sale already.

You can also create a general coupon for all products or certain categories.

However, you cannot do more than that. If you are looking to give better and advanced discounts, then you might want to read the next method.

3. Use a discount plugin

The above discussed methods are the native ways to add discounts on your WooCommerce online store. But, with the use of a plugin, you can do much more than just adding a sale price or create a coupon.

You can add different pricing strategies. Provide discounts not only on your product price, but also based on the order total or other cart details.

All you need to do is to select a discount plugin that suits your online store the best. Among all other discount plugins, WooCommerce Discount Rules is one of the best selling, easy-to-use and user friendly discount plugins available in the WordPress community. It is available in both free and pro versions.
Try the plugin’s demo site and decide for yourself.

So, with any of the three methods above, you can apply discounts on your WooCommerce online store. But if you have to choose one method, I’d suggest going with the third method because all it takes is a plugin, but you’d find it a whole lot worthy than simply implementing a coupon code. With the right plugin, you can avail the native methods of having a sale price and also coupon facility along with other additional features like cart discounts and dynamic pricing. Worth a try, isn’t it?