In this digital world, a purchase is just a few clicks away, so you need to be innovative and unique to maintain steady sales to stay ahead of your competitors and have better lead conversions. Introducing WooCommerce bulk discounts pricing plugin, a robust and dynamic plugin will help you to boost the revenue of your eCommerce store.

With WooCommerce bulk pricing plugin, you can create different types of WooCommerce discounts. It is an effective way to clear out your inventory and gain new customers. This blog will guide you through the process so that you can have a clear understanding of how to set up a bulk pricing discount plugin.

What is bulk pricing in WooCommerce?

Bulk pricing is a strategy to impose bulk discounts on products to make the e-shopping experience more satisfying for the customers. The bulk discount plugin Discount Rules for WooCommerce allows you to alter the price of the products based on the quantity & more factors. Thus ‘when the price is elevated, it increases the discount which in turn minimizes the cost and attracts more customers’

Why is WooCommerce bulk pricing important?

With WooCommerce bulk pricing, your store will be customized with dynamic discounts that yield more traffic and retains your customers. With bulk discounts, you can shift more products to fewer places rather than shifting minimum products to many different places. Dynamic discounts can be created irrespective of the number of products using WooCommerce bulk discount table.

How to create WooCommerce bulk order discount?

WooCommerce simple bulk discounts have many advantages, so you might think configuring it for your store must be difficult but it’s not. You can set up a WooCommerce bulk pricing discount for your store effortlessly.

Let’s take a look at the sequential process so that you’ll get a better understanding.

Installation of Discount Rules for WooCommerce

Bulk discounts for products can be created using Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin. Before you customize the type of discounts here is a beginnner's guide to WooCommerce discounts that you wish to grant your customers by installing WooCommerce bulk discounts plugin to your store.

Follow these steps to install the bulk discount plugin:

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress Admin

Step 2: Select "Plugins" from your dashboard

Step 3: Click on "Add New" button as illustrated below,

Step 4: Search for “Discount Rules for WooCommerce” in the search panel as shown below,

Step 5: Click on "Activate" to install and activate the plugin to your WooCommerce store.

The above steps illustrate the installation of the free version. To create bulk discounts for your WooCommerce store you need to get the PRO version Upgrade from free version to pro.

Creating a global pricing discount

WooCommerce bulk buy discount grants you to place discounts on all products in your store. Seasonal occasions are more favored to grant bulk pricing discounts as the demand will be high and this discount strategy might fetch you more sales.

Navigate through WordPress Dashboard > WooCommerce > WooCommerce Discount Rules tab.

It takes you to the homepage of bulk discount rules where you have to guide to the ‘price discount rule’ tab and click on the ‘add new rule’ button to get started. The process is explained below with few examples.

General Tab:

The general details of the discounts should be mentioned in this tab. The sections include:

Priority - The priority ( eg: 1, 2, 3) of this discount rule should be mentioned in this section.

Rule Name - Mention the name of the Discount rule in this section for your future reference.

Rule Description - Illustrate an apt description of the discount rule in this section.

Method - Select this method "Quantity/Category/Product/User role-based discounts and BOGO deals".

Validity - The duration limit of the discount should be mentioned here.

Condition Tab:

Conditions for your discount rule should be selected in this tab.

  1. As it is a global pricing discount you should choose ‘all products’ in ‘apply to’ section and click next.

  2. In the ‘exclude products’ section, you can specify the products to be excluded.

  3. In ‘exclude sales items’:

  • Check the box if you want to exclude products that already have a sale price set or just uncheck the box and head to the next section.
  1. Click next which will take you to the ‘discount’ tab.

Note - You can check the box if you want to "count items quantity in the cart cumulatively across products".

Discount Tab:

In this tab, the type of your discount (percentage discount, price discount, etc) and your ‘discount value’ should be specified.

  • Click ‘Add new range’.

  • Here you can select the minimum and maximum quantity, adjustment type, discount value.

  • Based on the type of discount you wish to offer you can select either ‘percentage discount’ or ‘price discount’.

  • After you’ve specified the terms click ‘save rule’ and check your store for changes

Let’s look at a few examples where both Price and Percentage discounts are created for a certain quantity of products.

Example 1: Buy 6 quantity of any products in the store and get a 5% discount

Enter the minimum quantity as ‘1’ and the maximum quantity as ’6’. Choose the type of discount, in this case, select ‘percentage discount’ and enter the discount value which is ‘5%’.

Store Page:

  1. Once the 5% discount for 1-6 quantity of any 3 products has been imposed, your cart should look like this.

  1. If your quantity of products in your cart exceeds the intended quantity which is ’1-6’, the 5% discount will not be applied which can be seen in this illustration.

Example 2: Buy 12 quantities of any products and get a 10% discount.

Enter the minimum quantity as ‘1’ and the maximum quantity as ’12’. Choose the type of discount, in this case, select ‘percentage discount’ and enter the discount value which is ‘10%’.

Store Page:

After a 10% discount for 12 quantities of products is imposed your cart should look like this.

Example 3: Buy 3 quantity of any products in the store and get $5 discount

Enter the minimum quantity as ‘1’ and the maximum quantity as ’3’. Choose the type of discount, in this case, select ‘price discount’ and enter the discount value which is ‘$5’.

Store Page:

5$ discount for 3 quantities of any products has been applied and the changes can be seen in the cart.

Creating Bulk Pricing discount for a specific product

WooCommerce bulk price discount allows you to set up discounts on specific products as customers might be looking for specific products during festival occasions. Giving discounts on specific products encourages your customers to shop more which in turn increases your sales of that particular product.

In the following steps, we’ll see how to apply discounts on specific products.

  1. The sections in the General tab are similar to the previous scenario we’ve illustrated.

  2. In the conditions tab, select ‘Specific Products’ in the drop-down menu of ‘apply to’ field.

Also, specify the product for which you want to grant the discount. For this scenario we have selected ‘printed fabric bag (2681)’, so the discount should be applied only to this product.

  1. In the discount tab specify a maximum and minimum quantity of products, discount type and value.

Example 1: Buy 6 quantity of specific products in the store and get a 10% discount

Enter the minimum quantity as ‘1’ and the maximum quantity as ’6’. Choose the type of discount, in this case, select ‘percentage discount’ and enter the discount value which is ‘10%’.

Store page:

When your customer purchases 6 quantities of specific products, a 10% discount for the specific product will be imposed on that product.

Creating a bulk discount for a specific category

Bulk pricing discounts allow you to provide discounts when your customers purchase from a specific category. Sometimes customers will be looking for baby products, perfumes, wallets, etc. So imposing discounts on specific categories will encourage them to purchase more.

  1. We have illustrated the General tab in detail, in the previous scenarios.

  2. While specifying the discount conditions select ‘Specific Categories’ in the drop-down menu of ‘apply to’ field.

Note: Check the box if you want to count the quantities cumulatively across categories.

  1. In the discount tab, specify a maximum and minimum quantity, adjustment type, and value.

Example 1: Buy 6 quantities of products from a specific category in the store and get a 5% discount.

Store page:

Using WooCommerce bulk discount category a discount of 5% has been levied upon the ‘Wallets and Belt’ category.

Creating bulk discounts using coupon codes

You can create coupon codes on WooCommerce and grant it to your customers. They can redeem it while purchasing with coupon code plugins to drive purchases to your woocommerce store. Coupon codes can be imposed on any criteria like ‘all products, specific products, specific category’.

Generally, WooCommerce bulk discount codes are created using two methods

  • Method 1 - Using ‘create your coupon’ option in the ‘general’ tab.

  • Method 2 - Creating coupon through WooCommerce

Method 1 - Using ‘create your coupon’ option in the ‘general’ tab.

You can create coupons using the recommended method where you have to navigate to ‘Woocommerce discount rules’ and click ‘add new rules’.

  1. Sections of General tab are similar to the scenarios illustrated above.

  2. While specifying the discount conditions, select ‘All products’ in the drop-down menu of ‘apply to’ field.

Choose ‘Create your coupon’ option and enter the code.

  1. For this instance, we have created a coupon ‘JP071110’ to impose the discount.

  1. In the discount tab, specify the maximum and minimum quantity, adjustment type and value.

Store Page:

When the customer prompts the coupon code, you can just enter the coupon code and click the ‘Apply coupon’ button. Coupons with the imposed discount will be added to the cart as shown below.

Method 2 - Creating coupon through WooCommerce

Navigate to WooCommerce -> Coupons -> Add new

You will be prompted with the ‘add new coupon’ tab with the following sections.

  • Coupon code - Enter the coupon code.

  • Description (optional) - You can brief something about the coupon.

Under ‘coupon data’ tab:

  • Discount type - Here you have to mention the type of the discount (percentage discount, fixed cart discount, fixed product discount)

  • Coupon amount - It is advisable to enter the amount as ‘0’ so the discount won’t hike.

  • Allow free shipping - You can check the box if the coupon allows free shipping, otherwise it is safe to leave it.

After mentioning these details click the ‘publish’ button.

Store page:
After the coupon has been applied your cart should look like this.

Set time validity for bulk discount

Specifying a duration limit for a discount will attract more customers as the discount is only available for a certain duration eventually boosting your sales.

It will also increase the demand for a certain product thus increasing the sales of that product.

Steps for creating time validity for WooCommerce bulk percentage pricing is similar to all the steps mentioned in this article but the only difference is you have to specify the time in General Tab of ‘add new rule’ field.

General Tab:

After you’ve successfully created the rule name and rule description you will be prompted to specify the validity of this discount in the last section. Specify the start and end date of the validity and click next.

The duration will be initiated automatically once the discount goes active.

How WooCommerce bulk discount variations can increase your sales?

  1. The fact that more products can be purchased for the lower costs will attract more customers towards your store.

  2. You can relieve more stock from your inventory using bulk discounts during festival seasons as they bring more traffic eventually increasing the sales.

  3. The success of an e-commerce business depends on how customers feel about the shopping experience, with WooCommerce bulk pricing plugin they will be delighted and satisfied.

  4. Offering exciting discounts will generate better lead conversion and attract new customers.

Satisfying your customer is vital, if you want to develop your store and yield better profits. WooCommerce bulk discount plugin is simple and efficient.

This blog has shown you how to create WooCommerce bulk discounts on all WooCommerce products, specific products, a specific category, creating discounts using coupon codes and setting up time validity for a discount. This will help you to increase your sales during festival times or you can even organize a ‘big sale day’ by using this plugin to clear out your inventory.