One of the most popular streaming services, Netflix accounts a monthly average value of $9.36 per customer or nearly $111.08 per annum because of its subscription.

Before we move on further about subscriptions, let's take a moment and think about how much money a company or business profits from its subscription.

The above fact is just a testimony. This makes you understand that concentrating on setting up subscriptions in your Woocommerce stores should be in your best interests. Especially if you want your business to reach newer heights through customers and make whooping profits.

WooCommerce Subscriptions - in layman's terms

WooCommerce Subscriptions assures the amount of money your company can anticipate every month from their customers. In other words, your customers buy subscription services in advance to receive a product or a service.

WooCommerce subscription assists you in creating products with recurring payments. You can create products for weekly, monthly or even annual subscriptions.

And then you add signup fees and may be to lure them offer free trials and set expiration periods. You are all set now.

Why are WooCommerce subscriptions important?

On a quick note, I am going to give you two major reasons as to why WooCommerce subscriptions matter hugely.

1. Customer engagement

As mentioned above, subscriptions help you anticipate your customer's involvement in your product or service.

2. Loyalty

Customers place their trust in you and they are more likely to become your brand advocates if all goes well.

They become your loyal customers
who tend to motivate others to join in your subscription services.

Custom Delivery schedules for WooCommerce Subscription

Custom Delivery schedules is an add-on plugin to WooCommerce Subscription plugins. You might want to consider this plugin if you want to create impeccable WooCommerce subscription plans.

The features of the plugin go this way,

1. Charge upfront

This plugin charges upfront. Meaning, you can charge your customers for a larger billing cycle. For instance, you can bill them yearly and deliver their service on a monthly basis.

Let me tell you about an advantage. WooCommerce Subscriptions don't allow you to run your billing cycle and delivery cycle separately. Whereas, Custom Delivery Schedules plugin lets you run the shipping cycle and billing cycle separately.

You can charge your customers on a yearly basis and deliver their products monthly or weekly basis.

2. Custom cycle

Another pertinent feature of our plugin is the Custom cycle. Through this feature, your customer gets to choose the delivery cycle while purchasing the subscription. He can decide when he wants the product, on a weekly or monthly or fortnightly basis.

It is highly preferred because of its flexibility towards the delivery schedules.

3. Multiple Delivery Cycles

As mentioned above, you can offer multiple delivery cycles using this plugin. You get to have flexible delivery schedules from which your customers can choose.

The delivery cycle can be weekly, monthly or yearly or any cycle your subscribers are comfortable with.

4. Synchronize delivery schedules

Here comes another interesting feature. Custom Delivery schedules for WooCommerce automatically synchronizes the delivery cycle to a selected date.

Instance, your customer bought the subscription on the 2 ends of last month. The product or service gets delivered exactly on the 2nd of the upcoming month. This is how synchronizing delivery schedules work with Custom Delivery Scheduled plugin.

5. Delivery record

And lastly, using this plugin you get to generate a delivery note for each shipping cycle. This helps you to understand when to deliver the product or service and to whom.

Benefits of setting up Subscriptions

Facts first!

The subscription e-commerce market has grown by more than 100% percent a year over the past five years, with the largest retailers generating more than $2.6B in sales in 2016, up from $57.0M in 2011, according to a report issued by Forbes.

If even this isn't pretty convincing, I'll tell you why setting up subscriptions can be a game-changer to your business.

I'm giving you not just facts but actual reasons that are proved enough times to make us all understand the importance of subscriptions.

1. Subscriptions mean money

Honestly, every business motive is to make more money and find more ways to make money. And what comes less complicated is precious. Subscriptions it is! Subscriptions help you make more money. How? Your customers are paying in advance for your product or service. Isn't that enough?

All you have to do is to think of ways that can attract as well as convince your customers to tune into your subscription process. You can give a try in for successful ad campaigns, marketing through social media and try on everything you can to reach out to your customers.

Subscriptions equal profit. No one can deny that.

2. Subscription methods are quite flexible

As I told you earlier, your customer must get attracted in order to subscribe to your product. What you can do from your side is to offer flexible forms of subscriptions.

Say, you can offer weekly delivery for a monthly subscription of groceries. On the other hand, daily delivery for an annual subscription of news magazines.

If you aren't strategically appealing, trust me your idea of subscriptions might endure unprecedented consequences. There's yet another advantage of subscriptions, it doesn't need to be restricted to a license key of the software.

How convenient and convincing at the same time right? Think about it!

3. Multiple tiers for more variability

If you aren't familiar with multiple tiers of subscriptions, you are in the right place. Another yet sure way of attracting customers is to offer a variety of options and letting them choose.

Here's an idea! Give them different pricing, different delivery cycles. And not just that, a happy customer does word of marketing to over 10 more people. How to make your customers happy is quite simple.

Also, in conclusion, multiple tiers offer flexibility. Ultimately, your customers will know they can choose what they are comfortable with.

4. Loyalty again!

Loyal customers are everything. They are the ones that keep you motivated to come up with more ideas.

You must reward them for their loyalty. Conduct loyalty programs, reward them through discounts or special offers for a limited amount of customers.

This will bring in more reasons for them to continue the subscription.

Also, adding discount in WooCommerce is no rocket science. Check it out yourself.

Now, why don't you give yourself a chance to consider this plugin? Custom Delivery Schedules for WooCommerce Subscriptions. It has been claimed as one of the best membership WordPress plugins and why not try them? Look up to all the features of the plugin and decide if you can give it a chance, give your business a chance.

It is all very simple. In order to try out this plugin, I'm going to assist you in the installation process. Follow up!

Setting up Custom Delivery Schedules

This guide assumes you have already installed the plugin.

1. Installation

I'm going to break down the procedures of installation into three simple steps.

Step-1: Login to your WordPress Admin section and go to Dashboard -> Plugins.

Step-2: Click “Add New” button to start the installation process.


Step 3: Now, search for “Custom Delivery Schedules for WooCommerce Subscriptions – Lite and install the plugin.


You can also manually download the plugin via the WordPress repository and install it on your WordPress.

Also, try Custom Delivery Schedules for WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin’s pro version on your store.

2. Setting up Pre-Paid Subscriptions

You have installed the plugin and the next step is here.

Setting up the subscription product.

This helps you to create a new subscription product or open an existing subscription product.

In the General Tab, you will see the pricing options. Right below the pricing fields, you can find the Custom Delivery Schedules fields too.

When custom delivery schedules is enabled, you have the following delivery schedules option:

The delivery options go this way,

  • If the subscription is set to every month, you can see the delivery interval varies from every week to every day.

  • If the subscription is set to every year, you can see the delivery interval varies from every month - every day.

  • Adding additional costs is an option too.

Setting up Pre-Paid Subscriptions

A tip: If you are adding additional costs, you can name it as well.

Add the screenshot of the product page and you can change the radio button view to a dropdown list box from the settings tab. That's it!

You may never know when your business will change, the impact of one decision is all it takes. Every decision is important if it is your business. Be it for plugins or your strategies, give few good plugins a try and continue if you are satisfied and convinced enough.

The same with Custom Delivery Subscriptions for WooCommerce, understand all its features and take into consideration. Any queries feel free to contact us. We are there to assist with every single detail.