The golden rule for every business is this - “Put yourself in your customer's place.” Think and analyze what your customer's needs are. While most of the businesses concentrate on different methods of how to drive repeat sales and increase profits, we are going to talk about one simple yet a heart-winning strategy of all time - Rewarding your customers with coupons.

Coupons act as a motivation of your customers for them to come back again and indulge in purchase with you. Several plugins assist the store owners in this scenario, however, the best is always prioritized and before going into the list, we have to understand why WooCommerce integrated plugins are always the finest and chosen.

WooCommerce has around 1.6 million downloads all over the world. It simply hasn't reached this feat, it has several worthy features in it. To list down, WooCommerce is feature-rich, user-friendly and free of cost all the time. So, any plugin integration with WooCommerce is a win-win scenario as it adds even better features to the plugins.

1. Smart Coupons

"SmartCoupons" Smart coupons plugin is one of the potential WooCommerce plugins. The plugin boasts a count of 10,000 users. When coupon generation is the context, smart coupons helps stores to create and generate thousands of coupons at a stretch. These coupons are generated and issued during product purchase. The customer has to meet all the required criteria for receiving coupons. Special features of coupons generated by smart coupon plugins,

  • One click coupon use.
  • Beautiful and elegant coupon designs.
  • Can also send gift vouchers to customers.

2. Discount rules for WooCommerce

"Discount Rules for WooCommerce" WooCommerce Discount rules are yet another successful plugin that is widely used. It helps you create any type of discounts you wish. The discounts can be grouped under any criteria,

  • Percentage discounts
  • User-role based discounts
  • Cart-based discounts
  • Order based discounts
  • BOGO (Buy one get one) discounts.

Discount rules can also be used to generate coupon codes. The crowning feature of coupon codes generated by discount rules is - the same coupon code can be applied to activate multiple discount rule. For instance, Get 10% for orders above $20 and 15% off for buying above $30. Simple and effective defines WooCommerce discount rule plugin.

3. Retainful

Retainful When in doubt, always head to the best of all. Retainful is a free WordPress coupon plugin to create advanced coupons. If you know, retainful generates unique coupon codes. The features of retainful are a whole lot to list down.

  • The plugin allows you to create advanced coupons. It is automated and shared with the order confirmation emails.
  • No more generic coupons. You can now send unique coupon codes.

The added advantage of this plugin is, it is effective in abandoned cart recovery. It can send unlimited cart recovery emails. Not just that, you can track your email engagement and track sales conversions.

4. WooRewards- Loyalty and rewards programs for WooCommerce

WooRewards WooRewards is a free plugin for WooCommerce store runners. According to Millenial and Generation shoppers, 63% will not commit to a brand that does not offer loyalty benefits. This is the whole essence of this plugin. Making customers stay put for a long time through loyalty programs. All you got to do is,

  • Select your criteria of how your customers earn points and what are the rewards they receive when they meet your fixed criteria.
  • WooRewards generates automatic WooCommerce coupons and just like other plugins, it send the coupons to customers through emails.

The WooCommerce integration of woorewards helps you create a number of loyalty programs.

5. YITH WooCommerce gift cards

Yith YITH WooCommerce plugin is known for several of its role play in business. A very familiar feature of it being, cart abandonment recovery. This WordPress plugin also helps you effectuate gift cards.

Wondering what role gift cards play?. Many a times, we get confused about what to gift to the people who mean to us. We might be caught in the confusion of what gift will please them. When this is the case, you can give them gift cards. By giving them gift cards you received from your store, you give them the ability to choose what they want.

Straight facts! 98% of shops give away gift cards. YITH helps you create gift cards after meeting the criteria panels you have set for your customers. It is available in both free and premium versions.

6. Coupon Creator

CouponCreator Coupon creator as the same carries the motto in itself, helps you to create coupons with dynamic codes. Things you have to do to generate coupon using this WordPress plugin is very simple.

  • Create a coupon and fill the essential conditions.
  • Insert coupon type into the post or page using the shortcode inserter.

That's all it takes to create a coupon using coupon creator. In addition, you can set expiration dates for your coupons. Coupon codes establish a connection with WooCommerce coupons by syncing dynamic codes and expiration dates.

7. WooCommerce extended coupon features

WooCommerce Extended Coupon WooCommerce extended coupon features is a WordPress plugin that is absolutely easy to use. Just like all the above plugins, it is an integration with WooCommerce coupons. It helps you activate discount rules.

You can also set restrictions accordingly. To name few, you can restrict coupons using shipping methods, payment methods, product based restrictions and so on. All it takes to win additional sales finds its way through customers.

Winning their heart by such really simple strategies comes easy with the help of these WooCommerce plugins. Always hurry and think wisely when it comes to impressing your customers Need some expert advice?