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tomized WooCommerce Emails

Sending boring emails that lacklustre in all aspects is not going to be of any help, especially when every CTA to your store matters immensely.## Why emails?

  • They are more personal and one to one communication.
  • They act as a source of confirmation.

Transactional emails are the sort of constant interaction between you and your customers. You sendtransactional emails for the following purposes,

  • When the order is being processed.
  • When the order is completed.
  • When the refund is successfully initiated.

Why write Customized Woocommerce emails instead of Default Woocommerce emails?

If truth be told, Default Woocommerce emails aren't unique and interesting. It lacks liveliness and is dull-looking. The designs are not striking enough and thus unimpressive. Most importantly, it is not going to help you promote your brand when it lacks such specificities.

Contrastingly, Customized Woocommerce emails are a complete winning factor because it is a package of elements that elevate success. It is aesthetically pleasing and appealing. It is customized accordingly and hence responsive. These customizations make emails interactive. It improves customer engagement. And supremely, it boosts your WooCommerce store revenue.

5 major reasons why customized Woocommerce emails win all the way

Customizing the WooCommerce emails drastically improves customer engagement with your store. You can stand out from the crowd by sending personalized emails than the boring default emails. Find more benefits of sending customized WooCommerce emails below.

1. Increase Click Through Rate

Click through rate or CTR is the percentage of users or visitors who click links in your transactional and marketing emails. This is one of the biggest advantages of sending customized woocommerce emails. As mentioned before, customized woocommerce emails are a winner in all features when compared to the default emails in WooCommerce.

The pivotal contribution of CTR is, it helps the store runners to measure the number of visitors that actively engage with your online WooCommerce store.

2. Get Better Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate is just another effective marketing metric which says about the numbers of website visitors that are converted into your active customers.

Now, How do customized emails encourage users to become long term customers? The answer to that is pretty simple. Customized WooCommerce emails drive customers to actively click the CTA buttons included in your customized and automated with an email marketing toolorder emails. Say, CTAs asking your website visitors to fill in contact forms, sign up for a free trial version, etc. thus motivating them to subscribe to your email lists.

3. More Email sharing rate

Email sharing rate is the number of times your content which is sent along the emails are shared by your customers on various social platforms. Well, what follows is got to be simple to understand- The more your customers share your content, the more exposure your online store makes.

So customizing your WooCommerce emails with attractive social share buttons can get your email shared a lot.

4. Reduce Bounce rate

Customers simply throw your emails to junk when it carries some default email template and plain subject lines. Also, when bounce rate your online WooCommerce emails and online store increases, getting up to the top of the search result pages gets tougher.

Statistics says, 69% of people will mark an email as spam considering the content of the subject line. So, here are a few techniques to not send your WooCommerce emails to the junk box,

Rule 1- If the email is long, break it into a blog post and provide the link in that particular email. Don't let your email dragged by enormous content.

Rule 2- Write catchy and personalized subject lines.

And the bounce rate is considerably minimum when your WooCommerce emails are customized. When customers find your emails to be resourceful with a touch of personalization they are sure to get engaged with your online store.

5. Increased ROI per Email

You've to spend some dollars to send your WooCommerce emails. Right? Then sending default WooCommerce emails will make all your investment go vain. Because your customers don't get engaged with your online store by reading the dull looking default emails.

On the contrary, the same WooCommerce emails when customized and automated with an email marketing toollike CampaignRabbit can increase your ROI per email. Because a customized WooCommerce email can make your customers take up particular actions with your online store like Subscribe Now, Buy Now, etc.

Popular WooCommerce Email customizer plugins

1. WooCommerce Email Customizer with drag and drop builder.

Looking for an email builder plugin that is profound and extensive? You are in the right place then. WooCommerce email customizer with drag and drop builder is one of the top email customizing plugins for WooCommerce that is expanding and diversifying among e-commerce store owners. You put forward the question of why and they give you not one, but a plethora of reasons to actually use this plugin.

  • First off, you can customize your WooCommerce email order notifications with an intricately designed drag and drop builder.
  • This email builder helps you create aesthetically-pleasing and elegant transactional emails. The need for such an email is to overawe and influence your customers. This, in turn, increases the click-through rate.
  • While most of the email customizer plugins out there just let you add or edit anything in the header, footer section. This one offers you much more. This email customizer is more of a page builder and helps you drag and drop elements like text, image blocks wherever you want them to be.

Here comes, the added advantage that is the best you are looking out for. This plugin is a product of Retainful that helps you add coupons to emails. Single-use, unique coupon codes to pull your customers to more purchase. How incredible is that to your e-commerce business. You are impressing your customer base and you are doing that right with this plugin.

Download Plugin

2. Kadence WooCommerce Email designer.

Another standard WooCommerce plugin that helps you customize default and boring transactional emails to attractive ones. The features of Kadence WooCommerce email designer areas listed,

  • A detailed, live preview of your WooCommerce emails.
  • Customize emails according to your brand methodology. When your emails carry your reputation of creating an impression, you drive more customers, that equals more sales. This helps your brand stand aside from the rest and does the necessary.
  • Helps you import pre-built emails designs.

Download Plugin

3. Email Customizer WooCommerce

A highly professional Wordpress plugin to create beautiful emails. You can customize emails to perfection using thisEmail Customizer WooCommerce. Construct unique email templates for New User registration, password resets and more.

Key features of the plugin include,

  • A simple and easy to use drag and drop to design email templates.
  • Allows you to preview email templates before it reaches to your customers.
  • Helps you keep track of your customer's orders by sending product updates through emails.
  • The pro version adds few additional advantages.
  • You can segment emails into a product based and customer based.
  • You can create your own subject lines other than restricting to usual ones.
  • Also, you can embed digital signatures in your email.

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Just as giving justice to the name, this WooCommerce plugin helps you decorate your emails. Decorator is a very simple plugin that claims to serve only one purpose and it serves that very well.

  • It sets up a separate instance of the customizer tool and allows you to make alterations to WooCommerce emails. Also, allows you for a live preview of the changes.
  • Takes only up to 5 minutes for creating WooCommerce email templates.

Download Plugin

5.YITH WooCommerce email templates

All that is expected of an email designer plugin is to help us create beautiful emails. This plugin is not an exception if that case is considered.YITH WooCommerce email templates provide you with very advanced intrications for building an email template.

  • You can add a logo, set colors and typography in a few minutes.
  • You can manage and customize the templates of emails sent from your store.
  • You can also assign a template to each email type. Say, for a new order, canceled order, processing order, complete order, new account and more.
    The best feature of this WooCommerce email plugin is that it helps you in inserting social network buttons to your email templates.

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Now, arriving at the end of this brief post on WooCommerce email customization, We see Customized woocommerce emails provide all that is necessary to drive repeat sales to your online store.

The results can never be underwhelming if the strategies are all used effectively and properly. If you are looking for a better strategy to promote your online store, turn your heads to customized WooCommerce emails.

Happy mailing!