With a lot of effort and hard work, you successfully created your WooCommerce store and now you are waiting to witness its growth. Don't you think your effort must be paid? The result of your hard work will be experienced only when you achieve brand value for your store through customer's satisfaction. It is always crucial to maintain a long-term relationship with your customers. Make sure that your customers feel aesthetically pleasing about your WooCoomerce store by doing what they really want. It is vital that the activities of the store meet your customer's expectations. The interaction with your customers in an online store is through emails. <link-text url="https://woocommercedynamicpricing.com/blog/why-transactional-emails-important" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Don't you feel that these interactions must add value to your customer's inboxes?</link-text> **How can you achieve it effectively?** After spending some valuable time in my research on order confirmation emails, I came across some astonishing ideas that have been implemen 3x higher than the open rate of other types of emails. To customize your order email we would definitely need <link-text url="https://www.flycart.org/products/wordpress/woocommerce-email-customizer" rel="noopener nofollow" target="_blank">WooCommer Email Customization plugin</link-text>  in a perfect way. Have a look at how the <link-text url="https://www.flycart.org/blog/woocommerce/how-to-customize-woocommerce-email-templates" rel="noopener" target="_blank">WooCommerc email templates are customized</link-text>  . In this article, let us look into those ideas that have helped those online stores to achieve their brand value. <toc></toc> ## Information that is to be mandatorily provided in the order email It is quite mandatory to provide some of the details in your transactional email to avoid errors in payment and product delivery. Order number, brand name, quantity, price, shipping address, delivery address, order date, total sum including tax, and delivery, an image of the product - are to be provided in your WooCommerce order email. The other ideas are additional and can be implemented to experience better results. ### Clear instructions on what to do next This piece of information will really be helpful for the customers where they can get an idea of when the product will be delivered. If possible you can provide a CTA button to track their orders. Providing the next step of the process improves customer relationships as it shows transparency of your WooCommerce store. </br> ![Clear instructions on what to do next](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/WooDynamic/SIteImages/master/5-best-woocommerce-email-template-ideas-to-customize-your-order-email/1-fitbit-.png) </br> The above is a screenshot of the "Fitbit" store where they provide the delivery details and tracking number added to the other details in their order confirmation email. This transparency improves the customer's trust. ### Referral Program Offer The referral program is a never-failing way of engaging customers that would produce great support and growth for your store. Adding this referral program to your order confirmation email will encourage your customers to share their feedback with others, which would eventually increase your store's market. </br> ![Referral Program Offer](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/WooDynamic/SIteImages/master/5-best-woocommerce-email-template-ideas-to-customize-your-order-email/2-Order-Confirmation-Emails-Tradesy.jpg) </br> "Tradesy" - where people can buy and sell designer bags, shoes, and clothes is a good example where they include a referral program along with the order and shipping details. ### Include cross-sell or upsell products to your order email This would be a great idea when you want to promote related products or even other brands by adding cross-sell or upsell to your order confirmation email. Customers would be excited for a short span of time to browse through related products after placing an order completely. This could also help them with their next purchase. It is to be noted that the price range of the related products should be the same as the already purchased product. </br> ![Include cross-sell or upsell products to your order email](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/WooDynamic/SIteImages/master/5-best-woocommerce-email-template-ideas-to-customize-your-order-email/3-cratebarкel.jpg) </br> Crate&Barrel - famous American chain of retail stores, specializing in furniture and home accessories promote both related products and also other brands in their order email. ### Adding Interactive elements Implementing new ideas and concepts in the world of marketing is encouraged globally. Creatively different ideas will grab your customer's attention in a faster phase. Every day the world expects something new and creative in all the platforms. Trying out different and creative ideas for your store will help it to increase its brand value. One such idea is including any interactive element to your order email - like adding animated content (purchased product) of how the products, its assembling, etc. Below is an example of the Jet store where they include an interactive element to their order confirmation email. </br> ![Adding Interactive elements](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/WooDynamic/SIteImages/master/5-best-woocommerce-email-template-ideas-to-customize-your-order-email/4-interactive-element.png) </br> Make sure that the content is useful for your customers and not just a filler. This idea would make your customers feel your creativity in added they would also get an idea of the product before its delivery. ### Providing Next Order Coupon This is the most attractive feature as you can provide coupon codes in your order email for your customer's next purchase. The <link-text url="https://www.retainful.com/blog/how-to-provide-next-order-coupon-in-woocommerce" rel="noopener" target="_blank">next order coupon code</link-text> can be included with the help of Drag and Drop Builder while customizing your WooCommerece email template. </br> ![Providing Next Order Coupon ](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/WooDynamic/SIteImages/master/5-best-woocommerce-email-template-ideas-to-customize-your-order-email/Next%20Order%20Coupon.png) </br> This feature would make your customer purchase from you repeatedly which would produce great results for your store. The relationship with your customers plays a vital role in online marketing. Make sure that the interactions with your customers are well maintained. This can be achieved by <link-text url="https://woocommercedynamicpricing.com/blog/send-woocommerce-order-emails" rel="noopener" target="_blank">customizing your order confirmation email</link-text> in a pleasing way. Along with the mandatory details in your order email try implementing any of the above strategies to experience great response and results. Try to mix and match the strategies and bring out the best for your WooCommerce store. Be sure that your order email is simple and clear. Remember not to overdo as it may distract your customers from the actual content. Craft your email with a neat design and also maintain a sequence of information that would give better clarity for your customers. Direct about what you want them to do and how they will be benefited from it. Wishing You Good Luck.