Howdy WooCommerce mate! Let’s not rat around. I’ll keep it straight and simple. If you are looking for plugins to improve WooCommerce store this 2019, this is the place to be. Coz’ the post brings you with the list comprising both FREE and premium plugins to do everything right from emails to discounts.

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1. WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin

The most common scenario that happens in any online store is customers adding products to the wishlist. Well, allowing customers to add their favorite products to wishlist improves the customer experience in your online store.

WooCommerce Wishlist plugin is a powerful WP plugin to let your customers add products to wishlist so that the customers can come back later and shop. One of the best thing with the plugin is that it automatically removes the product from wishlist once the same product gets added to the cart.

The premium version of the plugin offers more features like sharing product analytics, additional short-codes, promotional emails and more.

Speaking of discounts in WooCommerce, this is the most popular plugin with a record 10K+ active installations. The plugin allows you to create all types of WooCommerce discounts. Be it a simple discount, dynamic pricing discount, automatic coupon, multiple coupon discounts – the plugin has got everything you need.

Few of the popular discount rules you can create with this discount plugin are as follows,

  • Buy a Shirt- Get a Trouser for FREE- BOGO
  • Shop any Sports Gear/ 1-5 @ 5% OFF / 6-10 @ 10% OFF / 11-20 @ 20% OFF- Tiered Pricing Discount
  • FREE Shipping coupon on all orders above $500- Automatic Cart coupon

The plugin is FREE to download and the PRO offers you more advanced discounting features with additional support assistance and updates.

Got some products trending in your WooCommerce store? Well, that’s an opportunity to sky-high your online sales. Create special discounts for that particular product category which your audience loves more to sell more.

Category discounts for WooCommerce is a FREE WordPress tool to create quantity based category discounts. Know what! Quantity based discounts is a featured dynamic discount rule and this plugin offers it for FREE. The plugin is definitely something to get added to your store.

Don’t be stressed if you’re losing customers in the checkout page. The biggest reason for customer abandonment is due to the extra charges like payment fee, shipping fee which they are asked to pay. Agree?

So, how about offering a discount based on the payment chosen by your customer? Will your customers get motivated to checkout successfully then? Well, I bet it works.

Payment method based Fees and Discounts for WooCommerce is a FREE WooCommerce plugin which will get your cart abandonment reduced. It helps you to create payment based discounts and these are cart discounts that automatically adds to the cart during checkout.

Well, an avid WooCommerce store owner understands the importance of sending personalised emails. If you are just getting it started with WooCommerce, you better know this- Personalised follow up emails can make your customer relationship grow.

Follow-Ups is a WooCommerce email plugin to send regular follow-up emails. The plugin allows boosting customer engagement by creating drip campaigns based on the purchased made by your customers. The pricing of the plugin is $99 for single-site.

The WooCommerce store that sells and educates customers often sells more. Ready to help your customers with some FAQ data? Ultimate FAQ is the plugin lets you create, organize and publish your FAQs easily using your WP admin panel.

The plugin provides short-codes that let you add FAQs to any webpage. You can add also add a FAQ tab at each product page to help your customers.

It’s always important to keep your customers happy and engaged. Want to know how it’s done? Such an idea is customer loyalty program. Offer your customers with reward points on every purchase and action they perform in your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Points and Reward is a plugin that enables you to offer rewards and points to the customers. It allows you to offer reward points, set how many points can be redeemed for particular discounts.

The plugin’s extensive features enable to offer points for products, category or store-wide and also you to control the maximum limit of discount available for the redeeming.

How about investing $1 and making $5? Yes. 5x is your ROI. Huge, Right?

Well, this math goes perfect with Customer Retention. Customer retention saves you 5 times the cost of acquiring new leads. So if you are looking to retain your WooCommerce customers, here’s a FREE WordPress tool for it. RetainFul allows you to create both Flat and percentage type Next order coupon codes. And when these coupons are shared with your customers, 55% of your existing customers are sure to use the coupon.

Well, if you are already buying this idea, the following WP plugin helps you to send those Next order coupons effectively.

Sometimes, How it’s done is more important than What’s done. Now, ask yourselves. Have you ever thought about customizing your WooCommerce Transactional emails?

Well, sending customized order emails actually improves your relationship with the customers rather than sending generic templated emails. This email customizer plugin comes in with the most simple drag and drop email builder. Adding your store name, logo, order tables can be done with just a few clicks. And what’s more, you’re offered with easy shortcodes to fetch all your customer data too.

More for you, Sharing the Next order coupons along with the transactional emails is the idea to kill two bird with a stone. You can send your order details and at the same time motivate customers to shop again with the coupons.

Beeketing for WooCommerce is a plugin which allows you to market your product and improve sales. The plugin allows you to add pop-up notifications, countdown timers, social proofs to increase conversion rate.

You can sell bundle WooCommerce products, send product recommendations and create cart- level discounts with Beeketing. But the biggest limitation on this plugin is the pricing. And remember the fact that only the PRO version of the plugin supports you with all the advanced marketing features.

That brings you to the end of this listicle. Do share your comments on how useful this post helped to improve your WooCommerce store. Happy Selling!